The Water Mat

The water mat allows people to walk, relax, walk, run and play crazily on water. Made of high flotation closed cell foam, it is very sturdy and will last for years to come. This can be used on open water, lake or to float down the river. It's not only safe, but very easy to use. If you have a big family with kids, this is a must have water toy.

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Self Stirring Mug

Gone are those days when your wrist would get tired from stirring your own coffee. With this self stirring mug you never have to stir your coffee again. Some call it the "Lazy Man's cup", it is very convenient and easy to use. Clean up is a breeze, just wash it under warm/hot water and put it away to dry.


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This quirky gift will make sure your drink is mixed with enough powder or granules into the drink. You don't have to stir all you have to do is push the button.

Double Dish

Now with this Double Dish, Pistachios and cherries can be eaten and the Shells/pits can be hidden underneath in the lower bowl. Now you can easily shell Pistachios while watching TV without having to balance multiple bowls on your lap. Easy to clean, the top easily lifts away to discard the shells.


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Made of excellent quality, nice thick material withstands rough treatment. Great design and made of Melamine, so not likely to break. It can also be used as two separate dishes. Who doesn't makes mess with the shells, but not any more with this Double Dish.

Makes a great gift for the lovers of Pistachios, it's great to have a "trash" bowl in the same piece and all pits, shells, or shrimp tails are out of sight.

Wi-Fi Light Switch

Turn your home lightning on or off from anywhere using your mobile with the Belkin Wi-Fi enabled light switch. Now when you feel lazy to turn the lights on/off, you don't have to go towards the switch to do that, you can drive up to your house and turn the lights on before you go inside. Use with your existing rocker-style wall plates.

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Out of the box, the insight is pretty simple: it can turn a light or other device plugged into it on and off through its app that runs on iPhone and Android. Additionally it can turn lights on and off on a timer, which includes a dynamic timer set to the sunrise and sunset times of the location it's installed at. 

In addition to the switching capabilities the app supplies some data on how much energy the device plugged into it is consuming. This is a neat little product has depth into it, it's an easy way to add some home automation without having to install a more complex and expensive system.

Secure USB Flash Drive

This cool USB Flash drive brings security at your fingertips. You have to enter the code in order to use this drive. If you carry confidential data as part of your job or perhaps your business, then this is a must have. This has a solid feel to it and is extremely secure device. The security it provides is maximum, gives total peace of mind.

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The price mentioned above is for the 8 GB flash drive. The great thing about this product is that you don't have to install any software because the encryption is in the hardware and it works with any operating system. 

The internal components are secured by a super tough eproxy compound, which is virtually impossible to remove without causing permanent damage to the electronics. This means that if you lost the device, your information is still secure and no one can get into it.

USB 3.0 Aluminum 13-Port Hub

Don't you hate it when you run out of USB ports on your laptop or computer. This 13-Port Hub will solve your problem, the individual lights at the end indicates that the device has plugged in and is ready to use. Made of extremely high quality industrial aluminium build and has a very sleek design.


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The 13-Port USB Hub will increase your productivity. 
All of 13 USB Ports work very well and are space apart. Backwards compatible with everything to USB 1.1 and this doesn't take up a lot of desk space either. 

Very elegant and modern design, this product with enable you to run a wide variety of devices simultaneously - delivers enough power to run all 13 devices together.

iPad Scanner

Admit it. You have many piles of paper documents, tame the paperwork jungle in your life by getting this iPad Scanner. This is a great add-on for iPad users, you can scan your receipt instantly to keep the records neat and readily available. You would be surprised how fast it operates compared to flat panel screener.

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The Scanner is very easy to install and use. The quality of scans is superb, product is sturdily made, setup involves plugging in and it is very lightweight.

Great to carry around travelling and taking pictures of your trip, the scanner is perfect for digitalizing receipts, expense sheets and business cards while travelling.

Gallium Metal

Gallium Metal is perfectly created by Nature. It literally melts in your hands, it does leave a greyish residue on hand, but comes off easy with soap. Magicians buy spoon-molds to mold this this stuff into spoons, that's how the old 'disappearing Spoon' trick works: they just melt it in their hands or melt it into a glass of hot water.

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Gallium will also melt 'wet' glass and quarts - meaning it will stain glass. This is a fun element from the Periodic table, makes a perfect gift for your science geek friend. So what are you waiting for? Buy gallium and have fun with it.